Raul Rick Lopez

PAUL RAMSEY - Drums and Drum Loops
RAUL RICK LOPEZ - Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards
SEAN SHOWALTER - Background Vocals on "Song Of Psalms"
KENT BOWEN - Additional Keyboard on "My King"

All Songs
©2017 Written by: Raul Rick Lopez
Recorded at: Perfect Pitch Studios, Austin TX
Produced by:
Paul Ramsey and Raul Rick Lopez
Recording Engineering by:
Paul Ramsey and Michael Gibbons
Mixed by:
Michael Gibbons and Paul Ramsey
Mastered by:
Bill Johnson
Patricia Ann Lopez


Dedicated to Michael G. Gibbons - you believed the songs within can truly lead others to Christ, taught me the importance of having a mission, and gave your time and wisdom to mixing and engineering this album beyond its potential. Your legacy will live on as the music reaches the hearts of people all over the world.

Special Thanks: